What is a banking pool?

The banking pool is a detailed report of risks for the banking operations that a legal person (a company) has at a certain time and with all the banks that have had a relationship or have a contracted product.

When ordering a loanThis is of the utmost importance, since the bank or the bank in which you are going to request it will require essential data. Among these data (and in addition to tax information, accounting information, etc ...) will be found the "bank pool".

In this report, the company must include all the financial products it has with other banking entities, as well as the limits agreed for each of them and the maturities. It would be recommended that we also include in the report the latest receipts for the products we have.

The banking pool is important, because sometimes it does not usually coincide with the CIRBE. The CIRBE is the risk center of the Bank of Spain, which does not imply that if a legal person has a credit less than 6000 euros must be declared in this database.

Therefore, formalizing the report in the most detailed way possible will help the bank to know the solvency of the company requesting the loan. In this way, the entity will know more about the company and will know if it, after the loan and according to its financial structure in the company, is capable of taking advantage of it and paying off its debts.

It will also allow the entity to know the debt structure that the company has, in order to offer future benefits or assess how it can help to pay them off. The bank will be able to advise and offer you the best loan, but it will have to rely on its "bank pool", because without it they will not risk offering money that they may not be able to repay.

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