Definition of business risk

In all businesses there are a series of business risks that generate uncertainty when trying to grow or try to propose solutions to the different problems that arise on a day-to-day basis. Each of the decisions that are made in a company, regardless of their importance, poses a risk to the company. In addition, not … Read more

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a commercial type document that is used to collect all the information related to the purchase and sale of a product or service. The concept of an invoice thus covers specific details about the operation in question, thus an invoice serves to demonstrate the delivery of a product or service after its … Read more

What is the business mission?

In the business sphere, the definition of mission refers to the reasons or motives for which the company exists. The business mission must encompass a series of basic aspects such as '' Who are we? The idea that the owners have, what resources they have and what makes them special for customers. And it is … Read more

What is the breakeven point?

The definition of break-even, dead-end or break-even point in finance refers to the level of sales of a company to cover the costes fixed and variable. This will imply that a company, at its breakeven point, will have a profit equal to zero, where it will not lose money, but it will not earn it … Read more

What is a bond?

The definition of surety is the guarantee that tries to guarantee the effective fulfillment of an obligation. The concept of surety is used mainly in two senses, as a personal guarantee and as a real guarantee. In the case of the first term, the bond ensures the fulfillment of a debt or a obligation through … Read more

What is the cash ratio?

En financial terms the cash ratio is a percentage that is calculated on the total of the deposits that a financial institution has, such as a bank or savings bank. This percentage must be kept by financial institutions in a liquid state and kept on a mandatory basis at the central bank of each country, … Read more

What is a trade balance?

The trade balance is the set of imports y exports developed by a country on strictly commercial terms. Therefore, the meaning of the trade balance refers strictly to the volume of payments and the volume of collections made by that country. The imports of the trade balance contemplate data directly related to the activity of … Read more

What is bureaucracy?

The economist Max Weber is the one who shaped the term we define today. Like any other term, the concept has evolved, as have its characteristics. We will tell you what it is. Bureaucracy refers to a system of organization and / or rules by which a company is administered, manages and executes certain actions, … Read more

What is a stockbroker?

Stockbrokers, or brokers, are the intermediaries between buyers and sellers in trading assets furnishings. It may have natural or legal personality and is recognized by the stock exchange, to carry out this activity. The functions of the stock broker are based on advising clients, trying to offer the best return on their investments. May act … Read more

What is a bonus?

A bonus is an economic feature that consists of providing a customer, employee or company with a discount on an amount of money that must be paid, or an increase on an amount that must be collected. Bonus examples To understand the meaning of this concept we show you a series of examples of bonuses: … Read more