What Is Buy to Cover?

Buy to cover is an order placed for buying a security that will close a short position. A short position is when an investor borrows a security from a broker such as shares to sell them at a high price and buy them back at a low price to make a profit. Because the securities … Read more

Breakeven Price

To understand price trends in different financial markets, it is necessary to quantify the quantity of demand (i.e., the strength of buyers, also referred to as bullish pressure) and compare it with the quantity of supply (i.e., the strength of sellers, also referred to as bearish pressure). The price formed at a certain instant in … Read more

Buy Low, Sell High Strategy

The buy low sell high method is one of the most widely used strategies in trading whose practice consists of buying stocks or other assets when prices are low and then selling them when prices rise, some technical in nature and others related to investor psychology and sentiment.. Although the method is quite intuitive, in … Read more

Bear Trap

Bear Trap is a technical analysis concept that refers to a signal that a bullish trend is reversing. The Bear Trap makes one believe that a Bull Market is turning into a Bear Market, a prediction that will later prove to be inaccurate causing losses to those who set bearish trades following such a signal. … Read more

Business Day

When we talk about a business day, we are refer to one of those days of the week during which work activities are carried out on a regular basis. In most countries, the working days that make up the work week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This does not include weekends (Saturday or … Read more

Bear Hug

In the business world, there are several methods of taking control of a company. One method is popularly known as the bear hug. Basically, the bear hug is a hostile takeover attempt that is made in such a way that the company’s board of directors finds it impossible not to accept the offer. Here is … Read more

Definition of business risk

In all businesses there are a series of business risks that generate uncertainty when trying to grow or try to propose solutions to the different problems that arise on a day-to-day basis. Each of the decisions that are made in a company, regardless of their importance, poses a risk to the company. In addition, not … Read more

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a commercial type document that is used to collect all the information related to the purchase and sale of a product or service. The concept of an invoice thus covers specific details about the operation in question, thus an invoice serves to demonstrate the delivery of a product or service after its … Read more

What is the business mission?

In the business sphere, the definition of mission refers to the reasons or motives for which the company exists. The business mission must encompass a series of basic aspects such as '' Who are we? The idea that the owners have, what resources they have and what makes them special for customers. And it is … Read more

What is the breakeven point?

The definition of break-even, dead-end or break-even point in finance refers to the level of sales of a company to cover the costes fixed and variable. This will imply that a company, at its breakeven point, will have a profit equal to zero, where it will not lose money, but it will not earn it … Read more