What is a boycott?

A boycott is the action taken to express the refusal to enter into or continue a commercial, personal or political relationship with an individual or , due to the commission of some reprehensible fault that those involved do not agree to allow. The boycott implies that by not buying or selling a certain company, or … Read more

What is a letter of change?

The bill of exchange is a title of credit with which one person orders another to pay a monetary amount on a certain date. It is a commercial document that expresses an unconditional order to pay a borrower or beneficiary of a sum of money, in a place and with a specific expiration date. At … Read more

What is a blind broker?

The concept of blind broker refers to financial intermediaries who, without taking positions on their own account, take part in the mercado of debt by disseminating quotes without ever revealing the name of the other party and matching operations between the different entities that participate in the negotiation. In everything they maintain the anonymity of … Read more

What is brokerage?

In the world of finance, brokerage is a kind of commission or fee that a stock market professional, called corridor, applies to a company or someone interested in investing to provide a service. The brokerage is established with a special contract called a “brokerage contract”. This contract is between a professional person in finance and … Read more

What is bartering?

The concept of bartering refers to the action of marketing led by an organization that can be done in different ways. It may be by producing a non-advertising piece that will transmit a medium without the organization that promotes it, pays for the diffusion, or by providing products that serve as a claim with the … Read more

What is backwardation?

Backwardation is a term used in bag, in investments, and especially in relation to futures contracts. It can be defined as that situation in which due to a shortage of supply of a certain raw material, or other products or materials, the spot price today is higher than the deferred price. Or, in other words, … Read more

What is a business project?

Business projects are the documents where the business ideas we have to start our new journey in the business world are reflected. When you have an idea for the creation of a company, you must carry out an exhaustive study or analysis in which it demonstrates the viability of the company and where the form … Read more

What is biofuel?

The continuous process of adopting measures in favor of the environment leads to the emergence of new products that try to alleviate these problems. This time we are going to review the concept of biofuel. The term biofuel or biofuel is used to define the mixture of organic substances that serves as a useful fuel … Read more

What is a Stock Pennant?

The stock pennant is a technical analysis figure used in trading chart analysis, to know the continuation of the trend. It is called "pennant" because of the similarity to small triangular-shaped flags in the graphic. This type of phenomenon appears when there are corrections in a stock trend: when there is a break in a … Read more

What is an economic bubble?

Possibly you have heard that a bubble has burst or that we are facing a new real estate bubble. Both concepts want to refer to the same thing, and it is an exponential increase and without reason of property or real estate (housing, in general) for which, previously, there has been speculation. To begin to … Read more