What is a Risk Map?

Risk maps are prevention methods that help detect new risks and threats to your business activity. They are used to raise the current situation of the business against the economic and social situation that surrounds it, what negative aspects may affect and how to solve them.

Objectives of the risk map

If you wonder what a risk map is for, you should know that it helps to raise the real problems that the company will face in the present and in the future. We must be aware that prevention tasks can help to solve problems that arise in the future or, at least, reduce the negative impact on the company.

To make a risk map we must go through different phases. The first and most important is to identify the risks that exist and the extent of the impact on our organization. Carrying out a correct diagnosis of the problems that surround the company is essential in order to know how to act and achieve improvements. We can never come up with a solution if we don't know what the problem is.

After risk identification, in which we can find both financial risksAs business risks or any other type of risk, we can now carry out strategies and actions that allow us to deal with those threats effectively. To do this, we must also know what are the resources and tools necessary to implement the different solutions.

Know all the information about the risk map and how they are developed to identify existing threats in your organization.

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