Residual Standard Deviation

Residual standard deviation is a statistical term used to describe the difference in the standard deviations of observed values from expected values. Residual standard deviation is also called the standard deviation of points around an adjusted line or standard error of estimate. How to calculate the residual standard deviation To calculate the residual standard deviation, … Read more

What Is the Difference Between the Rule of 70 and the Rule of 72?

In finance, the rule of 72 and the rule of 70 are methods for estimating the doubling time of an investment. The number referred to in the rule is divided by the interest rate over the period (usually years) to obtain an approximation of the number of periods required for doubling. Although modern scientific calculators … Read more

What is a Risk Map?

Risk maps are prevention methods that help detect new risks and threats to your business activity. They are used to raise the current situation of the business against the economic and social situation that surrounds it, what negative aspects may affect and how to solve them. Objectives of the risk map If you wonder what … Read more

What is an award?

The definition of an award is the concept that is used in the field of law to refer to the resolution issued by an arbitrator that allows to settle a conflict between two or more parties. The arbitrator's ruling can be compared to a judge's sentence, although the jurisprudence of this is established by law … Read more

Definition of Retention

Withholding is a concept that is used to name the amount that is withheld from a wage or other economic perception to pay a tax or a debt in case of seizure. In other words, withholdings are for the purpose of ensuring the payment of a tax. In general, it is a percentage of the … Read more

What is the raw material?

The concept of raw material refers to any good whose purpose is transformation during a production process to become a consumer item. Many of the material goods require modification or transformation before they can be used by users. In this case, the raw materials occupy the first step in a manufacturing chain, which will endure … Read more

What is ROE?

The meaning of ROE, also known as financial profitability, is the economic benefits obtained from the investments made and the own resources. The ROE concept comes from the expression Return on Equity, which links the net benefits obtained in a specific investment operation with the necessary resources to achieve it. It is expressed as a … Read more

What is Rappel?

The concept of rappel or abseil is used in accounting to grant a commercial discount to a client based on the volume of orders or consumption that it reaches in a given period of time. It is usually granted in the form of escalation purchases. This definition of abseiling takes its name from the similarities … Read more

What is the per capita income?

Per capita income, also known as GDP per capita, is a data used in macroeconomía to measure the economic development of a country and its wealth. Per capita income has usually been used as an indicator of a country's social well-being, understanding that when there is a higher per capita income in a country, there … Read more

What is a refund?

Refund is a term that can be applied in a general way in some commercial transaction or in the financial operations investment and bag. In commercial transactions and sales operations, reimbursement refers to the return of an amount of money or material goods that a person had given to pay for a product or a … Read more