What is the Real Exchange Ratio?

Do you want to measure the position of a country in international trade? Then you need the Real Exchange Ratio (RRI), since it allows to know what is the benefit obtained by a country from the sale of national products abroad compared to products that have been imported. In fact there are 2 fundamental data … Read more

What is a page stealer?

Online advertising is becoming more real and more efficient in terms of the content that is disseminated. So much so, that it is constantly advancing and evolving to offer content in an easier way for both advertisers and supports. Same as himbanner, the page stealer is a type of advertising format that is adaptable (since … Read more

What is a bag raider?

The meaning of raider linked to the field of bag refers to large investors or speculators who opt for an undervalued company on the stock market which they can threaten or take control of said company. They are also known as sharks, since they buy the shares when their value is at a very low … Read more

What is a retailer?

Retailers are one of the parts or links in the chain of distributionof an item or product. The distribution chain is the path that a product travels from the start of its manufacture until it reaches the consumer. Within this chain, the retailer is the intermediary between the wholesaler and the final consumer. Being therefore … Read more

Results pending application

The results pending application are the profits or losses that a has been obtained throughout the same fiscal year. The concept of results pending application implies that after the financial year the corporate entity must decide whether to allocate said benefits to thereservationsto have an economic viability for future investments or if, on the contrary, … Read more

What is the Sharpe Ratio and how to calculate it?

The Sharpe Ratio is a ratio that measures the profitability There is an excess average (difference between the profitability of a given portfolio and that of a risk-free asset), per unit of total risk that a portfolio can bear. This meter can indicate the quality of a Investment fund, since it compares them with others … Read more

What is offshoring?

The definition of relocation is the practice carried out by companies that move their specific work centers or certain areas to other territories that carry a minor coste for them, while improving the company's competitive capacity and increasing the profit margin. In general they are usually multinationals. The concept of offshoring is considered a consequence … Read more

Definition of Residual Value

Oneaccounting terms, When an asset (real estate, equipment, transport vehicle …) has been used for years, it is normal that it has lost its value, that is, it has suffered a depreciation. That last value that an asset has at the end of its useful life is what I know as residual value. Any asset, … Read more

What is ROA?

The definition of ROA is economic profitability or profitability of the assets. It is the acronym for Returns on Assets. What is sought with the concept of ROA is to measure the profitability of the company. The formula for calculating ROA is very simple. It would be the profits of a company between assets or … Read more

What is an employment regulation file?

The employment regulation file, commonly known as an ERE, is an administrative and labor process through which a company obtains legal authorization to fire its workers. In addition, the request for an ERE can be demanded both by the employer or the company itself and by the representatives of the works. As a general rule, … Read more