What is a service?

Producers' supply can be divided into goods and services. Services, which is the term we are defining, is defined as the set of activities carried out by a company in order to satisfy the needs of a client.

The set of activities will be developed by people or machines with sufficient technology. This set of activities may be developed by public bodies or by private companies, and we can find: electricity, water, cleaning, telephone, health, Internet, education, etc. The service sector is one of the most important in Spain, being considered a great tourist attraction for the country. The Suppliers of services are those that make up the tertiary sector.

The main difference that we find between a good and a service is that the good is tangible and the service is not. However, a good is not totally tangible, and a service is not completely intangible. For example, the transport service is an intangible good (since it is something that is enjoyed but cannot be touched), however a good is used to transport people that is tangible.

The services are consumed under the responsibility of the client and before the signing or acceptance of a contract or invoice. In the case of goodsWhen you pay to consume a good, you are already informed of what you are exposed to or what you are facing. In this sense, the same happens in services, since when one is consumed, the conditions for which it is being consumed are being accepted.

After all and what is truly important in view of the staff of marketing, What really generates wealth and generates future expectations is the experience that the user has lived. Whether it is good, bad, improvable, acceptable or whatever your opinion is, it will be the one that counts and the one that will be taken into account when reducing the cost of said service.

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