What is a securities agency?

The Securities Agency is a type of investment services that has the capacity to provide financial intermediation activities or services on behalf of third parties in Spain.

From the description we have made, we realize that the Securities Agency cannot act on its own behalf, but does so on behalf of its clients (by a third party). For this reason, the capacities of this type of company are limited in terms of the number of activities that a company can carry out. Securities Society.

Another objective that this type of company aims to achieve is to offer a personalized service more than the simple service provided by the credit institutions that offer us their investment services. As in the case of Securities Companies, in order to create a Securities Agency it is necessary that it be formalized by a manager with a high professional reputation in the sector.

The body in charge of supervising the activities and services carried out by the Securities Agencies is the CNMV. However, the CNMV not only regulates this type of company but also the following:

  • Investment services companies (where the Securities Companies and Securities Agency are located, among others)
  • Management Companies of Collective Investment Institutions
  • National credit institutions
  • Foreign credit institutions (authorized to operate in the country)

Finally, we are going to highlight some of the activities and services that Securities Agencies offer to their users:

  • Financial advice to companies
  • Financial advice to investors
  • Subscription of issues and Public Offers of Sale: mediation
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Receive, transmit and execute orders from third parties
  • Deposit and administration of financial instruments

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