What is a transferor?

A transferor is the person or act of renouncing an asset, a right, a acción or a security in favor of another person or entity. This usually happens in exchange for a contraprestación, either monetary or in goods equivalent to it, unless it is a donation.

There are two people in this act: the transferor, who is the one described above, and the assignee, who is the person who receives the powers transferred in said act.

Characteristics of the Assignor

Among the characteristics that we can highlight of this type of people, we find:

  • Your participation is not always onerous, and when it is, you will receive a payment from the transferee.
  • As we have indicated previously, the term is applied to people, although it can also be attributed to companies and countries (transfer of territories to other nations, for example)
  • In the assignment of credits, the assignor is a natural or legal person who after offering a credit The latter transfers it to a transferee and becomes a new creditor. This occurs in exchange for a payment.
  • In the transfer of insurance, the insurance company is the transferor when a reinsurer is hired. In the event of claims, the risks assumed by the reinsured may be covered.
  • The personal data that is shared in the company of a parent company among its collaborators is also known as transferor. Obviously, this will happen if the user has accepted that said information can be transmitted between the different companies or parts of the parent company.

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