What is a Freight?

The term freight gives rise to different meanings, all of which refer to transport. However, the most popularized meaning refers to the transport of goods by sea and through the use of ships and maritime facilities that may allow it.

On the other hand, as we have said, freight can mean other things:

  • It also refers to the process of renting means of transport to move goods
  • The price paid to move certain loads
  • The load to be moved

It is important to note that there are differences between this concept and that of moving. They are as follows:

  • Moving is slower and not as efficient as freight
  • The documentation necessary in the freight is not the same to request in removals, which is hardly necessary
  • The price of the removals is usually much higher than the freight, compared to the amount to be transported and the necessary operators

This last point is important, since there are several factors that can affect the price of freight being more or less expensive. As a general rule, maritime transport is preferred due to its cost (it is usually cheaper). As for some of these factors that affect we find:

  • The distance of the transfer
  • Freight to international destinations usually cost more
  • The goods being transported
  • If the transport waits for your arrival
  • The tonnage weight based on the distance or route you have to take: the higher the price and the effort of the service, the higher your price

Freight, however, is not only transported by boat (the sea route par excellence), but there may also be other types of transport depending on the channel chosen and the merchandise to be transported. Thus, for long overland distances, trucks or large vehicles are usually chosen.

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