What is a voucher?

A voucher is a written or digital document that certifies the completion of a transacción económica, delivery of good or service, collection, purchase or expense that has been made between two parties.

It can be the exchange of goods or services, a payment, a transfer, a collection, a purchase of goods outside the establishment, etc. The most common proof is the proof of payment, which is the document proving that you have paid for something.

Types of voucher

It is important to point out the types of proof that we can find within the economy, since each one presents a different function:

  • Proof of payment. Proof that indicates that we have made a payment for a good or a service to a particular company.
  • Tax receipt. We can find several types, although most of them are usually related to taxation or taxation.
  • Bank receipt. It is the one issued by banking entities and they justify the fact of having carried out a transaction or contract. The bank vouchers can be for transfers, installment payments or deposit of money into account.
  • Proof of address. This type of document proves that a certain person or legal entity resides in a certain property.
  • Proof of income. It is a document that shows the origin and amount of income obtained. It is usually used to declare income or pay taxes. In that case, showing this receipt would be enough to show the income we have obtained.
  • Proof of expenses. It is the opposite case to the previous one, since said voucher affirms that we have carried out a transaction that has involved an expense. Expense vouchers are usually useful for income statements, in which we can benefit for certain expenses that may or may not be deductible.

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