What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, also known under the name of crowdfunding, is an online financing method whereby a , person or group of people requests the financial help of other people in order for the latter to help them finance a project.

Therefore, the meaning of crowdfunding implies that the people who collaborate in the financing do so in a totally altruistic way but in exchange for a reward.

In addition, although it is not an essential requirement, one of the most common crowdfunding characteristics is the "commercialization" of the product through the Internet. And it is at this point where we find one of the most notable advantages of crowdfunding: the dissemination of the project has a much greater scope.

In this way, in the crowdfunding method, people interested in financing what they do is start the operation of an idea and, if in the future the project is profitable, the people who have participated in the financing will be able to benefit from it by having been investors. This is how the capital necessary for the project to start through financially differentiated contributions.

Discover all the information about the crowdfunding and the different types that exist.

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