What is scope?

When it comes to the media, in general, such as television, the scope refers to the totality of the people to whom a message is directed. It is an indicator of audiences, radio or television.

The reach in digital marketing

In the field of digital marketing industry, the scope is an important metric that applies to both web 2.0 and analytics related to the social network. It's about the people who have seen the message. In English it is called Reach.

It is, in short, a measure of the visibility of our company, products or services, in the different digital media used. For example, it may refer to the number of people who have been shown our ads, our publications on social networks, or the number of people who have reached our website or digital platform.

It is true that en does not guarantee that in addition to being shown to users, they have actually seen the publications or, rather, have paid attention to them. There is also no direct relationship between reach and the number of followers or fans. However, in the advertising industry, reach is considered one of the benchmark factors.

Types of scope

Two types of scope are distinguished, the so-called organic scope, which is the one that occurs directly. To have a good organic reach it is necessary to know the audience we are addressing very well.

However, the reach on social networks such as Facebook has been progressively reduced, until now, when the publications reach only a small percentage of followers. To get a better diffusion, it is necessary to use in Facebook Ads. That is, invest so that the publications have greater reach.

Another particularity of this social network is the need to be careful to avoid blocking the accounts for several weeks, when it comes to obtaining greater diffusion, without using Facebook ads.

Viral scope refers to the virality, that is, to the number of people the message reaches indirectly. That is, because in some of the people directly or indirectly reached, they share a publication with their audiences.

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