What is logistics?

The concept of logistics encompasses the different operations carried out to ensure that an article reaches the consumer from the point where the materials, going through other phases such as the place of production.

The definition of logistics is closely linked to the actions of storage, transport and distribution of market goods. The logistics operation is considered as an external task to the primary manufacture of an article, hence that in most cases companies end up with the outsourcing de logística.

The main purpose of logistics is to provide the user with the product they are looking for, at the right times and in the quantities they claim. All this by sending it to the point of sale and with the least coste possible.

Logistics steps

To meet the objective of reaching the final consumer, logistics must go through several phases:

  • Process order: is when there is a purchase order.
  • Use of materials: the different means used to transport products within a factory or warehouse, as well as to points of sale.
  • Packaging: adequate packaging makes it easier for the item to arrive at its destination in the best possible condition and to keep it in perfect condition for a longer time.
  • Transport: it is necessary to define the different transport routes that will be used in the distribution (land, ships, plane) for their transfer, in addition to the routes they must follow so that spending does not skyrocket.
  • Storage: the place where the articles are kept must be according to the type of product and its dimensions. More information about warehousing logistics.
  • Stock management: decide how many items the seller should have available to offer to the customer. It is necessary to make a sales projectionthat lets you know.
  • Customer services: do everything possible so that the consumer can buy the products as easily as possible.

The cost of logistics varies depending on the product and the country where we are. It generally ranges from 5 to 10%. Know all the information on business logistics and the keys to manage it correctly.

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