What is outsourcing?

The term outsourcing or subcontracting implies that a requires the services of another in order to perform certain activities. Therefore, the external company is hired to be able to do certain necessary tasks in the main company.

Typically, outsourcing is usually for services that have nothing to do with the main company or are not specialized in it. For example, if we are a construction company and a computer breaks down, the IT company that fixes it will be subcontracted for it.

However, it is important to note that it may also be the case that not only the skills and knowledge of the staff are required, but also the hiring of resources capable of helping the activity to be carried out correctly. Moreover, it is important that the resources hired are the best and the corresponding ones in order to carry out this activity well.

The decision to outsource in order to improve an aspect is a decision that is made in order to become more competitive and efficient than the rest of the companies in the market. However, this can generate opinions for and against:

  • Opinions in favor. Outsourced services are much cheaper than if we hired staff directly to our company, making use of this person when we really need it, uses more competitive practices and is continually improving in details.
  • Opinions against. Outsourced personnel do not show loyalty to our company, as they are usually hired by others. On the other hand, we must also talk about the precariousness of working conditions due to the proliferation of work contracts.

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