What is a proof of payment?

The payment receipt, or financial receipt, is an accounting document that certifies the purchase and sale of a product or the provision of a service between two parties by mutual agreement.

The concept of proof of payment records any economic transaction carried out, in which a party receives an economic benefit in exchange for the acquisition of a good or a service. In addition, an obligation is created for the debtor party to pay a specified amount to the issuer of the financial voucher.

Proof of payment information

The financial receipt has a type of elements that provide information on:

  • Voucher type
  • The people involved
  • Date
  • Concept
  • Dates

Types of payment vouchers

There are different kinds of financial vouchers:

  • Bills
  • Receipt of fees
  • Liquidación de buy
  • Bill of sale
  • Tickets
  • Carrier referral guide
  • Sender referral guide
  • Receipt for leasing of property and real estate
  • Travel ticket

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