What is the ledger?

The concept of general ledger refers to the record that gathers the accounting data that is part of the Diary book. Thus, between the ledger and the journal, the balance and status of the accounts are recorded.

The functionality of the ledger is to keep track of income and expenses or losses that a company has recorded. By motorcycle, companies are fully obliged to comply with the general ledger to collect all the movements of the accounts during a accounting cycle or economic period.

Of course, in order to understand the definition of ledger it is important to know the difference between "credit" and "duty". That is, the general ledger classification is recorded based on 5 columns that are divided. Of these 5 columns, the first is reserved for the date, the second for the concept itself, the third for the "must", the fourth for the "to do" and the fifth and last for the balance.

Control of expenses

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