What is a provider?

A provider is a person or a that provides stocks and supplies to another company so that it can exploit them in its economic activity. On the other hand, the concept of provider can have several meanings that depend directly on the functions that the provider will perform. In addition, the recipient of said stocks can transform the resources obtained or, on the contrary, sell them without further ado.

The most common types of providers are three: providers of goods, providers of resources or providers of services. As a general rule, suppliers of goods respond to international needs and satisfy market needs. Resource providers respond to the economic needs of the company and ultimately service providers meet customer needs.

However, within this field it is necessary to make a difference between suppliers and creditors, since the supplier in question is in charge of supplying needs related to the production and activity of a company or legal entity for which they are owed a retribution, while creditors They do supply companies but through an economic type. In fact, within what is the balance sheet there is a separation of current liabilities for each concept.

Roles of providers

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