Capital Gains Distribution: What It Is, How It’s Taxed.

What Is a Capital Gains Distribution? How Is It Taxed? Do all capital gain distributions have to be reported on Schedule D? All capital gain distributions from mutual funds must be reported on Schedule D of Form 1040. Do you pay taxes on distributions? Yes, you pay taxes on distributions from a mutual fund. The … Read more

Tick Index.

A tick index is a technical indicator that measures the number of stocks that are trading on an uptick minus the number of stocks that are trading on a downtick. The tick index can be used to gauge the overall mood of the market, as an uptick in the tick index indicates that more stocks … Read more

What is the Canvas Model?

The Canvas Model or Business Model Canvas is a very useful tool to understand the business plan of a product or service in a very structured way. It allows to visualize in a global way all the aspects that involve the business and that revolve around the value proposal offered. It is, therefore, a template … Read more