What is the Canvas Model?

The Canvas Model or Business Model Canvas is a very useful tool to understand the business plan of a product or service in a very structured way. It allows to visualize in a global way all the aspects that involve the business and that revolve around the value proposal offered.

It is, therefore, a template for the strategic management of a business and, at the same time, an ideal resource to pass an idea to a project, putting everything that is developing around it (costs, income, clients) on a canvas. , new comings, etc.).

Definition of Model Canvas

Source: self made.

What is the origin of the Canvas Model?

This model was initially created and designed by Dr. Alexander Osterwalder, although since the publication of his work in 2009, a whole series of new canvases have emerged for niches specific, such as the Lean Canvas.

Parts of the Canvas Model

The structure of the Canvas Model is based on dividing the canvas into 9 differentiated parts to logically show an interconnection between all of them.

Next, you will find the parts of the Canvas Model along with a series of questions that you must ask yourself to complete each section:

  1. Customer segment:
    • Who do we direct our product / service to?
    • ¿Para qué market segment are we creating value?
  2. Value proposal:
    • What kind of product do we offer?
    • What is our competitive advantage (Yes, there is)?
    • What problem do we solve and what is the need we satisfy?
  3. Download
    • With what channels can we reach our customers?
    • What channels do we think work best?
  4. Relationship with customers

    • What is the relationship we have with each of our customer segments?
    • How much does it cost?
  5. Income stream
    • What is our main source of income?
    • How much are our clients willing to pay?
  6. Key resources
    • What resources (human, financial, physical, etc.) do we have?
  7. Key activities
    • What basic activity does our value proposition require?
  8. Key allies
    • Who are our key partners in the market?
    • Who are our suppliers / distributors?
  9. Cost structure
    • What are the most important costs within our business model?

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