Exotic Currency Definition.

Exotic currencies are those that are not widely traded or commonly known. They are typically from smaller or emerging economies and can be more volatile and risky than major currencies. Some examples of exotic currencies include the Mexican peso, the Turkish lira, and the South African rand. These currencies can offer opportunities for traders looking … Read more

Kaizen: The Japanese Business Philosophy.

The Japanese Business Philosophy of Kaizen What is the first step in a kaizen project? The first step in a kaizen project is to identify the problem or opportunity that you want to improve. This can be done by brainstorming with your team, looking at data, or talking to customers. Once you’ve identified the problem, … Read more

What is Okun’s law?

This concept was coined by the American economist Arthur Okun, gaining great relevance among the economic and financial spheres of a country. Okun's law tries to define the empirical relationship between the variables of the unemployment rate and the production of a country (measured in the Start real that this one has). The linear relationship … Read more

What is CIRBE?

The Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain, also known as CIRBE, is a public service that manages a database in which most of the credits, guarantees, loans and risks that financial institutions have with their clients. This could be a perfect definition of cirbe, which refers to all the information that banks have … Read more