Piercing Pattern Definition.

In technical analysis, a piercing pattern is a bullish signal that occurs when a stock price declines significantly, then rebounds and closes above the midpoint of the prior decline. The pattern is considered significant when it occurs after a prolonged downtrend, as it suggests that the bears are losing control and the bulls are gaining … Read more

What is the principle of uniformity?

The concept of the principle of uniformity or also called the principle of consistency on lesser occasions, establishes the set of rules followed by a company in relation to accounting and its assets, which is why it is included in the Generally accepted accounting principles. The evaluation criterion of the principle of uniformity indicates that … Read more

Definition of Customs

Customs is a public and / or fiscal office dependent on the State, generally located at the borders, ports and airports, in which the passage of people and / or goods that are imported or exported from a specific country and the required taxes are charged according to the corresponding tariff. The payment of customs … Read more