What Is the Odd Lot Theory?

The odd lot theory is a stock trading strategy that suggests that stocks that are traded in odd lots (i.e. not in round lots of 100 shares) are more likely to be undervalued by the market. The theory is based on the idea that institutional investors (e.g. mutual funds, pension funds, etc.) are more likely … Read more

What Is SEC Form 11-K?

SEC Form 11-K is a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that is used by certain large companies to report annual financial information. The form is similar to the annual report that these companies would file with the SEC on Form 10-K, but it includes additional information that is required by the SEC. … Read more

What is the Packing List?

The concept of packing list is used for the export of goods abroad, to non-EU countries. The definition of packing list is a list with a list of the contents of the package that helps to complete the information regarding the invoice and that must be issued by the sender or person who sends it. … Read more