What is the Packing List?

The concept of packing list is used for the export of goods abroad, to non-EU countries. The definition of packing list is a list with a list of the contents of the package that helps to complete the information regarding the invoice and that must be issued by the sender or person who sends it.

What is the packing list for?

This document is of great value for situations in which a physical customs clearance occurs and is used to facilitate selective recognition by customs authorities.

The packing list is mandatory since it allows the recognition of packages in the customs and it also fulfills the function of proof on arrival at the warehouses and in situations of loss, damage or incorrect orders.

This documentation must go in an envelope and be fixed on the outside of the package, always avoiding putting it next to clasps, tapes or corners.

How is a packing list made?

The packing list is made up of two main parts.

In the first, the following information must be collected:

  • Point out the bill to which it corresponds.
  • The complete data that identifies the person making the shipment as a business name. In the case of individuals, it will be enough to provide the DNI or passport while the CIF is required for companies. It must be correctly signed or stamped.
  • Complete and accurate information that identifies the recipient of the merchandise.
  • The date.

In a second part the following aspects should be reflected:

  • Detailed description of the content of the boxes or envelopes with identification of the brands and characteristics of the different objects that are transported. It is mandatory to make this description, which has an affidavit character.
  • Description of the merchandise, collecting gross and net weight, as well as the volume and quantity of packages.
  • The commercial value per package and as a whole.

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