Earnings Power.

“Earnings Power” is a term that refers to a company’s ability to generate profits. A company’s earnings power is determined by its ability to generate revenue and control costs. A company with strong earnings power is able to generate profits even in tough economic conditions. Which type of ratio measures the earning power of a … Read more


The Euribor is the rate at which banks lend each other money in the interbank Euro market. It is the official reference index recommended by the Bank of Spain for mortgage loans and consumption. It is the most used value for mortgage reviews. To calculate the Euribor every day, the 26 main banks operating in … Read more

What is the LEI code?

A definition of the LEI Code (Legal Entity Identifier) ​​would be the global and unique code, of 20 characters, that is used with the aim of identifying the legal persons that take part in financial operations. In this way, the information requirements in the financial markets. This code aims to improve the management of financial … Read more