Equivalent Annual Annuity Approach (EAA).

The equivalent annual annuity approach is a financial analysis technique that is used to compare different investment opportunities. The technique converts all of the cash flows from an investment into an equivalent annual annuity, which makes it easier to compare investments that have different durations and/or different cash flow patterns. The EAA approach is based … Read more

Floating Charge Definition.

A floating charge is a type of security interest in property that allows the charge to “float” or move with the property as it changes hands. The most common type of floating charge is a security interest in inventory, which allows the lender to perfect their interest by taking control of the inventory if the … Read more

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is understood to be the use of email to carry out marketing campaigns. marketing between the people who have provided us with the data for these purposes. Not to be confused with spam, or sending mass emails without prior consent. In addition, this last behavior is prohibited by the regulations on data protection. … Read more