Classical Growth Theory Definition.

Classical growth theory definition is a theory that suggests that economic growth is a function of the amount of capital available in an economy. The theory was developed by Adam Smith and David Ricardo, and it has been refined and extended by many economists since. What does classical growth theory say will eventually end economic … Read more

What is the poverty line?

We understand the poverty line (or poverty line) as a way to measure the minimum and also the maximum income that a given country can have, taking into account its customs, traditions or beliefs to acquire an adequate standard of living among its inhabitants. In other words, it makes it possible to assess the percentage … Read more

What is a coinsurance?

Co-insurance is a certain insurance that coexists with two or more insurance companies and that allows sharing the responsibility of a certain risk. In this way, for a specific period of time, companies must assume the risk and before that you have agreed with a customer. The main objective of coinsurance is to be able … Read more