What is a Nonaccrual Loan?

A nonaccrual loan is a loan on which interest is not being accrued because the borrower is not making payments or is not expected to make payments. Nonaccrual loans are sometimes called “nonperforming loans.” Is accrued interest an asset or liability? Yes, accrued interest is a liability. This is because it is the interest that … Read more

Trend Trading Definition.

A trend trading definition can be quite simple or quite complex, depending on who you ask. Generally, though, trend trading refers to a strategy in which a trader looks to enter into a trade in the direction of the underlying trend. There are a few different ways to measure or identify a trend, but one … Read more

What is virality?

When we speak of virality, we are referring to a mode of indirect transmission of information over the Internet. The characteristic of virality is that transmissions multiply in a short space of time. Content virality Such virality is based on the fact that the recipients of the information can in turn transmit it to their … Read more