What is virality?

When we speak of virality, we are referring to a mode of indirect transmission of information over the Internet. The characteristic of virality is that transmissions multiply in a short space of time.

Content virality

Such virality is based on the fact that the recipients of the information can in turn transmit it to their respective audiences; the members of these in turn to theirs, and so on. So in a short space of time, when something is especially shocking, funny, amusing, entertaining, or for some other reason, it attracts particular attention, this chain transmission may occur in an expansive way. Virality owes its name to the way in which viruses multiply, with which an analogy is established.

The ways of transmitting the information received are considerably facilitated through social networks. Whether it is Facebook, the social network with the highest number of users or any other, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest.

In principle, viral communication occurred accidentally. However, the observation of this phenomenon has led to a search, from the beginning, to promote the virality of the publications that are made on the web, the blog, the newsletter, social networks, etc ... So, at present, although it is not possible to speak properly of viral marketing, there are marketing tactics that try to reproduce, from their initial approaches, this phenomenon.

The contents that tend to go viral, for the most part, connect with emotions, and many of them have a humorous character. Viralization is not easy. However, original or creative publications, which are conceived with a large group of users in mind, and which, in addition, can be inserted in social networks, in fact, are capable of reaching a large number of people.

Another fundamental aspect for virality is the quality and subject matter of the content, as well as that it is adapted to the target audience. In addition, Internet advertisements, whether it be search engine advertisements or through social networks, which are capable of being shared, are means that help to promote the vitality of publications.

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