What Is a Digital Transaction?

A digital transaction is a type of transaction that takes place online, using electronic means. This can include transactions made using credit or debit cards, as well as those made using digital currencies such as Bitcoin. In most cases, digital transactions are made using some form of payment gateway, which allows the buyer and seller … Read more

What is backwardation?

Backwardation is a term used in bag, in investments, and especially in relation to futures contracts. It can be defined as that situation in which due to a shortage of supply of a certain raw material, or other products or materials, the spot price today is higher than the deferred price. Or, in other words, … Read more

What is Libor?

Libor is the acronym in English for London InterBank Offered Rate. The Libor rate is a interest rate Interbank that appeared in the international financial market in 86. It arose as a result of the need to establish a reference interest rate for loans between banks. The Libor rate was published for the first time … Read more