Series 57 Definition.

A Series 57 license is required for individuals who want to act as a registered representative for a broker-dealer that deals primarily in securities of debt and equity issues with a maturity of more than nine months. The Series 57 license also allows these individuals to underwrite and place these securities with the public. Is … Read more

What Is Functional Decomposition?

Functional decomposition is the process of breaking down a complex system into its component parts, or functions. This analysis is typically used to understand how a system works, or to identify potential areas for improvement. Functional decomposition can be used to understand both simple and complex systems. For example, a car can be broken down … Read more

Reserve Fund.

A reserve fund is a fund set aside by a real estate investor to cover unexpected expenses associated with owning and operating a property. The size of the reserve fund will vary depending on the type of property and the amount of risk the investor is willing to take on. What are the 3 types … Read more

What is a consortium?

The definition of consortium is the union of several entities that have common objectives and that choose to join forces in a joint strategy. The consortium concept should not be confused with the merger of companies, since in the first case each company maintains its independence but adopts a framework of relationships with the same … Read more