Ripple Explained.

Ripple is a decentralized network that enables instant, low-cost international payments. The network is powered by a native cryptocurrency, XRP, which is used to facilitate transactions between different fiat currencies. Ripple is unique in that it doesn’t require a central authority to issue or manage the currency. Instead, the network is managed by a network … Read more

American Accounting Association (AAA).

The American Accounting Association (AAA) is a professional organization for accountants in the United States. The AAA was founded in 1916 and its membership consists of accounting educators, practitioners, and researchers. The AAA provides leadership and advocacy for the accounting profession and promotes the highest ethical standards. The AAA also publishes a number of academic … Read more

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What is an influencer?

The definition of influencer is a person who has a certain credibility on a certain topic, and who, due to his presence and influence on social networks and the Internet, can become a perfect prescriber for a brand, so that it achieves more popularity and visibility online. In other words, an influencer is able to … Read more