What Is an Imbalance of Orders?

An imbalance of orders is a term used to describe a situation where there are more buy orders than sell orders, or vice versa. This can occur for a number of reasons, including market conditions, changes in price, etc. When there is an imbalance of orders, it can often lead to a situation where the … Read more

Collaborative Commerce (C-commerce).

Collaborative commerce (C-commerce) is a type of business model in which companies work together to create value for customers. In a C-commerce relationship, each company retains its own brand identity and customer base, but they share resources, information, and expertise to create a more seamless customer experience. C-commerce is often used to describe relationships between … Read more

What is a Pop up store?

Pop up stores are stores that brands temporarily install in places with a lot of traffic to promote or publicize a certain good or company service. The main objective ofpop up is that the stores generate a certain interest in the users who see them and come to see what it is about, generating expectation … Read more