What is a Pop up store?

Pop up stores are stores that brands temporarily install in places with a lot of traffic to promote or publicize a certain good or company service.

The main objective ofpop up is that the stores generate a certain interest in the users who see them and come to see what it is about, generating expectation and admiration for others. These types of stores do not usually last long, it is not permanent, so they usually last from only a few days to a few months.

Advantages of the pop up store

Among the advantages of installing this type of tents, we find:

  • It is not a traditional store, but a totally new store with a very modern air.
  • The designs of these types of stores are usually very extravagant and striking.
  • The location is usually in the middle of a street or in a space reserved for it.
  • The installation has a high cost, although a high ROI.
  • It can help us to test new strategies: new markets, new products, etc.
  • We can create publicity in the media if we run an impressive campaign.

What is the purpose of a pop up store?

Creating a pop up store can be advantageous. However, we can do it for different purposes:

  • Use it as a stand or a place to hold some brand events.
  • Publicize a certain promotion or offer of our brand.
  • To liquidate products of stock o outlet.
  • To launch a new product or test it previously with a small audience.
  • To generate a topic of conversation among consumers and that they are interested in our brand.
  • If we are one Online store, we may have an opportunity to have a physical store for a while. However, it can also be used to launch our first store, as a test.
  • Use it to make temporary exhibitions (as a sample book, for example).

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