What is a Reset Rate?

A reset rate is the interest rate on a loan that is reset at regular intervals. The interval can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The reset rate is usually reset at a rate that is higher than the initial rate on the loan. What are the 3 types of compound interest? There are three … Read more

What is Hot money or Hot money?

Its term in English ishot money, which means hot money. It refers to the money in bank balances or liquid assets rapidly moving from one country to another to create profitability short term. However, one can also speak of speculative capital flows to refer to the same term. Hot money can have both positive and … Read more

What is a wholesaler?

The wholesaler is one of the links in a distribution chain, which is the path that a product travels from the beginning of its manufacture tosupply to the consumer. Within this chain, the wholesaler is the intermediary between the producers or manufacturers and the retailer. The latter being the one who makes the direct sale … Read more