What is a webmaster?

The definition of webmaster refers to the person who is responsible for the development, coordination, programming and maintenance of a website. It is formed from two English terms such as web, which would be translated as 'network', and master, which means teacher or owner. A webmaster also goes by other names such as web developer, … Read more

What is a wholesaler?

The wholesaler is one of the links in a distribution chain, which is the path that a product travels from the beginning of its manufacture tosupply to the consumer. Within this chain, the wholesaler is the intermediary between the producers or manufacturers and the retailer. The latter being the one who makes the direct sale … Read more

What are the weaknesses of a company?

The concept of weaknesses in the business environment refers to the departments in which a company has deficiencies that prevent it from reaching the goals previously set. The term weaknesses is framed within the analysis DAFO, together with threats, strengths and opportunities, in order to find solutions to improve the activity of a business compared … Read more

What are WMS?

A WMS is a type of computer program applied to the logistics whose main purpose is to facilitate the management of warehouse operations. WMS is the acronym in English for Warehouse Management System, which in Spanish would be translated as Warehouse Management System or SGA for its acronym in our language. Warehouse management systems functions … Read more

What is Warrant?

The meaning of warrant refers to a financial derivative that provides its buyer with the right to buy a specific asset (underlying asset) from the issuer of the warrant, at a previously stipulated price (strike price) and within a specified period or with an expiration date. Specifying a little more, it is a negotiable security … Read more

What is SEM?

SEM positioning comes from the acronym Search Engine Marketing. It is a form of search engine marketing, which allows you to appear above the first organic search results. In general, when the term SEM is discussed, it refers to the Pay per click in sponsored results. In the SEM if you create the ads correctly … Read more

What is web analytics?

The definition of web analytics is the process through which all the information obtained by the passage of users on a specific web page is collected. Through these data it is possible to make a strategic analysis of the site in order to improve optimization. What is web analytics? Through the web analytics it will … Read more

What is working capital?

The definition of working capital, also known as working capital or revolving fund, are the financial resources long-term that a company requires to develop its activity in the short term. The concept of working capital is also understood as the part of the current assets It is financed through long-term resources and which come from … Read more

What does the welfare state mean?

The Welfare State is a set of actions carried out by the State trying to seek the general welfare of the population. For the Welfare State to function, it is necessary for the State to intervene in the economía and in society, distributing wealth to improve the socioeconomic and health conditions of the population. In … Read more