Ask Size.

The ask size is the number of shares that the seller is willing to sell at the ask price. The ask size is usually displayed in the order book of an exchange. The ask size is important because it gives traders an idea of the liquidity of a stock. A large ask size means that … Read more

What is Production and what are its characteristics?

The broad term of production refers to the activity or activities that are dedicated to the manufacture, elaboration or obtaining of goods and services. Therefore, production can be defined as a complex process that requires different factors to carry out a series of activities. The human effort destined to create said benefit (materialized in a … Read more

What is a multinational company?

A multinational company is one whose scope of action transcends other countries in which it carries out its productive or commercial activity. Looking for a correct definition of a multinational company, we found that in most cases the profits obtained by the parent company will return to the country of the main company. In particular, … Read more