When Specialization Matters.

The phrase “when specialization matters” is usually used to describe situations in which a company or individual has a particular expertise or skill set that makes them particularly well-suited for a particular task. This can be contrasted with a more generalist approach, in which a company or individual takes on a wider range of tasks … Read more

What is compound capitalization?

Compound capitalization is one of the ways in which the calculation of an interest can be carried out, being the compound capitalization the one that in its calculation takes into account not only the amount of capital -such as occurs with the capitalización simple or simple interest – but also the amount accumulated as interest … Read more

What is EBITDA?

The meaning of EBITDA is a financial indicator that seeks to specify the profits or the profit achieved by a company or project, without taking into account taxes, financial expenses and other accounting expenses that do not imply the outflow of cash, such as Amortization, interest, taxes and depreciation. The main utility of EBITDA is … Read more