Defining Termination Date.

The termination date is the date on which an options or futures contract expires. For options, this is the date on which the option holder may exercise their option. For futures, this is the date on which the contract must be settled. What are the 7 steps that concerns hr in terminating employees? 1. Determine … Read more

What is financial leverage?

The concept of financial leverage refers to the part of the company that is financed with debt. It allows us to access investments of a certain relevance with minor own funds. Financial leverage implies greater risk to the company, since external financing represents a cost for the company that has to be reflected in obtaining … Read more

What is PIPO?

The term PIPO is used to define the change in value between two foreign exchange y literally means percentage point. Specifically, PIPO defines the minimum possible variation in the value of a currency pair. Most of the major currency pairs have a value that is expressed to four decimal places. PIPO means that the value … Read more