Anarchy Definition.

Anarchy is a political theory that holds that the state should be abolished and that society should be organized on a voluntary, cooperative basis without the coercion of the state. The word “anarchy” comes from the Greek word anarchos, meaning “without ruler.” What is anarchy and what effect? Anarchy is a political philosophy that advocates … Read more

Easement in Gross.

An easement in gross is an agreement between a landowner and another party that grants the party the right to use the land for a specific purpose. The easement is not attached to the land, and so it is not transferable to another party. The easement can be for a specific activity, such as the … Read more

Learn About the DuPont Identity.

The DuPont Identity is a financial ratio that is used to measure a company’s profitability and is also known as the “DuPont Analysis”. This ratio is calculated by dividing a company’s net income by its equity capital. The DuPont Identity is a useful tool for investors to use when analyzing a company’s financial statements. What … Read more

Form 8282: Return of Donor Information.

Form 8282: Return for Donee Information How much can you claim as donations without a receipt? There is no monetary limit on the amount of donations that you can make without a receipt, but the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does require that you have some sort of documentation to support any claims made on your … Read more

What is a provider?

A provider is a person or a that provides stocks and supplies to another company so that it can exploit them in its economic activity. On the other hand, the concept of provider can have several meanings that depend directly on the functions that the provider will perform. In addition, the recipient of said stocks … Read more