Unearned Premium.

An unearned premium is the portion of an insurance policy’s premium that has been paid by the policyholder, but for which coverage has not yet been provided. This occurs when a policy is cancelled before its expiration date. The unearned premium is refunded to the policyholder, minus any fees or penalties that may be assessed. … Read more

What is the absolute frequency?

The absolute frequency is defined as the set of data and information provided by a statistics accompanied by frequencies to determine a value or an event. Therefore, the concept of absolute frequency determines the total number of times that a given value will remain in a set of information that has been taken as a … Read more


The fundraising, or also called bank fundraising, as its name suggests, is to capture or collect money from people or organizations. This money that captures The benchDepending on the type of account you have, it generates interest (deposit interest), which is defined by the so-called deposit interest rate. Ultimately, what the bank is interested in … Read more