What Special Power of Attorney Means.

A Special Power of Attorney is a type of Power of Attorney which grants the Attorney-in-Fact special powers that are not normally included in a Power of Attorney document. These special powers can include the authority to buy or sell real estate, enter into contracts, or make financial decisions on behalf of the Principal. In … Read more

Mutual Will.

A mutual will is a will that is made by two or more people, typically a married couple, in which each person agrees to leave their property to the other person upon their death. This type of will can be very helpful in ensuring that your property is distributed according to your wishes, but it … Read more

Types and examples of direct foreign investment (FDI).

Types and Examples of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) What are the types of international investment? There are four main types of international investment: 1. Foreign direct investment (FDI): This is when a company expands its operations into another country by setting up a subsidiary or acquiring an existing company. 2. Portfolio investment: This is when … Read more

What is a commercial company?

The commercial company is a type of legal person whose purpose is to carry out commercial acts as the basis of its activity. The commercial company may be formed by a single person in the case of sole proprietorships, or by several persons or partners. Commercial companies are often also known as commercial companies. Constitution … Read more