What is a commercial company?

The commercial company is a type of legal person whose purpose is to carry out commercial acts as the basis of its activity. The commercial company may be formed by a single person in the case of sole proprietorships, or by several persons or partners. Commercial companies are often also known as commercial companies.

Constitution of a commercial company

Commercial companies are created from the contribution ofcapital by the partners. The percentage of participation that each partner will have in the commercial company is determined by the social capital that they contribute in the constitution. In addition, this percentage of participation will be the one that serves as the basis for the calculation for the distribution of losses or profits.

Types of trading company

When establishing a commercial company, there are different corporate formulas from which to choose, so it is important to know the differences between them. These are the main types of commercial companies that exist:

Limited liability company or SL

The limited partnerships They are constituted with a minimum share capital of € 3.000, which is paid out at the time of their incorporation. It can be made up of one or more partners.

Anonymous liability company or SA

La anonymous society It needs a minimum contribution to the share capital of € 60.000 from its partners. The share capital is divided into shares that are distributed among the partners based on the capital contributed by each of them.

Labor company or SLL or SAL

The labor partnership must have at least three partners. It is common for the social capital to be contributed by the workers themselves. This commercial company can be limited liability or anonymous.

Cooperative Society or S. Coop.

The cooperative societies It is formed through the association of natural or legal persons in order to develop a commercial activity of common interest to all of them.

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