Nonperforming Loan (NPL).

A nonperforming loan (NPL) is a loan that is in arrears or has been deemed unlikely to be repaid by the borrower. In most cases, an NPL is a loan that is at least 90 days overdue. NPLs are considered to be “nonperforming assets” (NPAs) and are typically sold by banks to third-party investors at … Read more

What Is the Event Of Default?

An event of default is an occurrence that allows a lender to demand immediate repayment of a loan, or take other actions, such as foreclosing on collateral. The most common events of default are missed payments, but they can also be triggered by a change in the borrower’s creditworthiness, or a breach of other loan … Read more

What is a policy?

The definition of a policy is the document in which the insurance contract and the obligations and rights that both the insurance company and the insured must assume, which are the two parties involved in these contracts. In said documents, the persons, instruments or elements that are going to be subject to this protection are … Read more

What is competitiveness?

En microeconomía, the ideal market situation, is that of perfect competition. That is, when some companies compete with others in order to provide the goods and services demanded by the market. The same can be said for the different economic units that are part of the market itself, such as individuals or households, who are … Read more