The term “A+/A1” is a rating that is given to a fixed income security by two of the major credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. This rating indicates that the security is of high quality and is considered to be a low-risk investment. What is the weird G called? There is no one … Read more

Chain Of Title.

The chain of title is the history of all previous owners of a property. This history is important to ensure that the current owner has a valid and clear title to the property. The chain of title can be traced back to the original owner of the property. What is the Habendum clause in a … Read more

What is a consumer?

The concept consumer refers to the organization or individual who consumes goods or services that Suppliers and manufacturers put at your disposal in the market in order to satisfy any of your needs. It is the last step in the production process, specifically the end customer. En economic terms, the consumer is the figure that … Read more