Bull Trap Definition.

A bull trap is a technical pattern that can occur in any market. It is characterized by a sharp price move up that creates a false sense of momentum, only to be followed by an equally sharp price move down. This move down “traps” investors who bought in at the top of the move, leading … Read more

What is fintech?

Fintech is the acronym in English for the words financial technology or financial technology in Spanish. Fintech is the name given to the new financial industry associated with the use of technology. The name fintech defines financial applications, products or services that use the Internet or new technologies in their interaction with users. Therefore, fintech … Read more

What is the rating?

The concept of rating refers to the representative index of the level of risk with which the debt issues of companies are rated. To make this judgment, they take as a reference both the historical valuation and the expectations that are expected in the future. The assessment carried out on the financial risk the obligations … Read more