Capitalization of Earnings Definition.

The capitalization of earnings definition is the process by which a company’s earnings are used to finance the purchase of additional shares of the company’s stock. The capitalization of earnings process is also known as “internal financing.” A company can use two methods to finance the purchase of additional shares: issuing new shares or using … Read more

Accelerated Bookbuild Definition.

An accelerated bookbuild is a process used by investment banks to sell new shares in a company to institutional investors. The shares are sold in a short time frame, typically within one or two days. The accelerated bookbuild process is used when a company wants to raise capital quickly. It is also used when a … Read more

Who Is Robert Crandall?

Robert Crandall was the former CEO of American Airlines. He was known for his tough management style and for turning American Airlines into a profitable business. He retired from American Airlines in 1998 and now serves on the board of directors for several companies. How much do airline CEOS make? In 2018, the average salary … Read more

Fixed-Interest Security.

A fixed interest security is a debt instrument that pays a periodic interest payment, known as a coupon, and principal repayment at maturity. The coupon payments are usually fixed, and the principal repayment is usually fixed as well. Fixed interest securities are typically issued by governments or corporations. What is a fixed income trading? When … Read more

What is an emerging market?

The term emerging market is used to refer to countries in which there is a process of economic opening, a transition with important reforms and a low per capita income. The reason is that, although the economy is improving, due to openness and reforms, these are countries with a large population. Precisely the disparity that … Read more