Front Office: Definition, Duties, Front Office vs.

Back Office. The front office is the customer-facing part of a company, responsible for dealing with customers and providing them with information and services. The front office is often contrasted with the back office, which is responsible for administrative tasks such as accounting, HR, and IT. Who is the head of front office department? The … Read more

Closely Held Corporation.

A closely held corporation is a company that is not publicly traded and whose shares are not readily available for purchase by the general public. In most cases, these companies are owned by a small group of individuals, often family members or close friends. There are a number of advantages to owning shares in a … Read more

Littoral Land.

Littoral land is land that is located near a body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean. The term can be used to describe both the natural environment and the built environment. Littoral land is often prime real estate because of its proximity to water. This can make it desirable for both recreational … Read more


A distribution in kind is a type of distribution from a retirement account in which the account holder receives the assets in the account in the form of physical assets, rather than in cash. This type of distribution can be used to diversify one’s holdings or to avoid having to pay taxes on the account. … Read more

What is the product line?

The concept of product line refers to the grouping of articles that are related to each other by some of their characteristics. It may be due to distribution, price, reason for use or segmentation. In the field of marketingAs regards product strategy, it is one of the levels into which the product hierarchy is divided. … Read more