What is the product line?

The concept of product line refers to the grouping of articles that are related to each other by some of their characteristics. It may be due to distribution, price, reason for use or segmentation. In the field of marketingAs regards product strategy, it is one of the levels into which the product hierarchy is divided.

A definition of a product line can be one that is made up of articles that are closely related to each other, either because they perform a similar function, they are marketed to the same groups of customers, or they are sold through them. distribution channels, sales channels, or are in a specific price range.

A product line could be made up of items from different brands, a single brand family, or an individual brand that has a line that has been extended.

Product line examples

There are several types of product line. Among the most frequent cases are the following:

  • Electronic line: stereos, video players, televisions, etc.
  • Appliances: stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
  • Sports line: footwear, tracksuit, balls, etc.

When you increase the product line with the sum of more items within the current set, more benefits can be obtained, suppliers will be satisfied, they deal market niches looking for new target, and provide a more complete product line.

It happens quite often that the line length is adequate, but if you decide to modernize it, you will end up increasing the benefits from it. You have the possibility of modernizing the line simultaneously or gradually. It is always preferable to opt for this last option as it allows the company to measure the reception of new items among customers and thus make the decisions it deems most appropriate.

Regarding the decision to create a new line, it may or may not be related to the company's current products and be sold under the same or a different brand.

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