Advertising Focused on a Specific Group of Customers.

Advertising Focused on a Specific Group of Customers What is concentrated marketing and micromarketing? Concentrated marketing (also known as undifferentiated marketing) is a marketing strategy in which a company offers a single product or service to a large group of customers. The main goal of concentrated marketing is to achieve a large market share. Micromarketing, … Read more

Investment Manager.

An investment manager (sometimes called a wealth manager) is a professional who makes investment decisions on behalf of another person or entity. Investment managers are usually employed by investment firms, banks, or other financial institutions. They may also work for themselves, or be employed by a single client. The term “investment manager” can refer to … Read more

What is a proxy?

The definition of proxy is the person who has the powers of another individual to act on their behalf. The attorney-in-fact represents the other and acts on his behalf. In the legal field, the seizure process takes place through a document known as power of attorney, which is a unilateral manifestation of the subject who … Read more