Contagion Definition.

A contagion is defined as a rapid spread of an infectious agent, such as a virus, through a population. The term can also refer to the spread of an emotion or behavior from one person to another. What is another word for contagion? The other word for contagion is “infection.” What do you mean by … Read more

What is packaging?

The concept of packaging encompasses everything that involves the inclusion or protection of products for distribution, storage and sale. That is, the wrapping, labeling and packaging of commercial items. In marketing, packaging is a presentation letter for products, so it must focus above all on capturing the attention of consumers and being a communication window … Read more

What is a tribute?

In economic terms, a tribute is a type of payment or contribution that the members of a society make on a mandatory basis to the State, which is supposed to distribute this income according to the needs of the country or region. Taxes are usually paid based on a taxable event, which is the circumstance … Read more