Advance Funding.

An advance funding annuity is an annuity that is funded in advance of the start date. This means that the annuity is funded with a lump sum payment that is made before the annuity payments begin. The lump sum payment is typically made by the annuity holder, but it can also be made by a … Read more

What Is Stabilization Policy?

Stabilization policy is a macroeconomic policy that is designed to smooth out the ups and downs of the business cycle and keep the economy on track. Stabilization policy can be used to fight inflation or recession, depending on the current economic conditions. There are two main types of stabilization policy: 1. Fiscal policy: This type … Read more

Fully Depreciated Asset.

A fully depreciated asset is an asset that has been fully written off for tax purposes. This means that the asset has been used for its entire useful life and can no longer be used to generate income. The asset may still have some value, but it is not considered to be an active part … Read more

What is Basecoin?

Basecoin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of the US dollar. It is designed to be a stable store of value and a decentralized alternative to traditional fiat currencies. Basecoin is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a variety of mechanisms to stabilize its price. These include a collateralized debt position … Read more

Dealer Financing Definition.

Dealer financing is when a car dealership offers in-house financing for the purchase of a vehicle. This type of financing is usually offered to customers with less-than-perfect credit who may not be able to qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. The main benefit of dealer financing is that it can be easier to … Read more

What are the factors of production?

By the concept of production factors we understand the entire set of resources that are used to create a product, good or service by a company, entity or institution. He was the classical economist Adam Smith who was in charge of defining this concept. Each and every one of the production factors has a fundamental … Read more